Which fuel octane is best?

India’s biggest oil producer India Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) has made the petrol octane a priority as the country struggles to revive its economy.The country’s government said on Monday that its benchmark crude oil was now at around 23.2 per cent, up from the current 17.4 per cent.“We are working towards achieving a better-than-normal octane […]

Gears and Gasolina near Me

It’s no secret that the most common gasoline is synthetic, a product of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that are manufactured using a process known as photochemical reduction (PPR).The process is particularly common in cars and light trucks, where it’s a common practice to use the cheapest fuel available to make the most fuel-efficient engines.Gains […]

When will gasoline prices in Argentina expire?

The cost of gasoline in Argentina is expected to rise from an average of $0.24 per gallon on Monday to an average $0 and then $0 a month later.Argentina’s economy is in shambles.Its GDP is projected to shrink by about 1.5% this year.It will shrink by 2.5%.Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has said the country needs […]

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