How to drive down gas prices in NJ

By DAVID SCHAPIRO, Associated PressNEWARK (AP) — Gas prices are falling in New Jersey after two days of nationwide supply disruptions that put some motorists out of business.

The wholesale price for regular gasoline fell 4 cents to $2.86 per gallon Monday, a 0.7 percent decline from the previous day’s $2 per gallon.

That is down from $2 on Friday.

It’s the second day that wholesale prices have dropped this month.

Gasoline is cheaper on the East Coast.

The New York-based AAA, which has a nationwide toll-free number for motorists who want to get gasoline in their cars, said on its website that wholesale gasoline prices are currently down about 10 cents a gallon, down from 12 cents a week ago.

The price drop is significant for consumers in New York, which is one of the biggest buyers of gasoline and the main transportation hub for the Northeast.

It is expected to have an impact on drivers in the East and Midwest who rely on the gas industry for transportation and to people living in New Brunswick and upstate New York.

On Sunday, gasoline prices in New Hampshire dropped about 4 cents per gallon to $1.25 per gallon, and a 5.3 percent drop in the price of gasoline in Pennsylvania, down to $3.49 per gallon from $4.40.

In New Jersey, wholesale gasoline was down 2.4 cents to a $1 per gallon in New England.