When Shell Gasoline Ends the Gasoline Supply for Mexico’s Precios

Shell Gasoil, the Mexican gas company that has a long history of producing the gasoline used in Mexico’s precios, will stop production at the end of the year to restructure the business.

The decision is a significant blow to a company that relies heavily on Mexico’s booming domestic refining industry.

Shell’s president, José Guzmán Martínez, confirmed to Reuters that the decision will mean the end for the company’s current operations in the country.

Shell has said that its oil sales will not be affected.

Shell had announced a new refinery in Mexico City to take its existing refineries offline, but the company said the project was not in the works and the refinery was shut down.

Shell CEO Guzmetz said in November that he was canceling plans to open the new refinery to begin production of gasoline in Mexico in 2018.

It’s the first major change for Shell since it was formed in 1986.

Shell was founded in 1914 and has more than 1,600 employees in Mexico.

In 2018, Shell said it planned to invest $600 million in Mexico, with the money to be used to expand its operations in Mexico and other markets around the world.

The company is a joint venture with ExxonMobil and Chevron, two of Mexico’s biggest oil companies.

In the United States, Shell is one of the largest refiners and producers of crude oil in the United State.

The United States and Mexico have different rules for how much oil companies can sell in the state.

The Mexican government controls the country’s supply of petroleum products, which is what makes it a major producer of gasoline and other petroleum products.

Mexico’s oil sector produces around 85% of the world’s petroleum products and accounts for nearly half of the countrys production.

In 2016, Mexico was the world source of the most refined gasoline, with nearly 60% of its crude oil being produced from petroleum.

In 2017, Mexico became the third country in the world to be the world producer of natural gas, after Brazil and Venezuela.

Mexico has been importing much of its gasoline from the United Kingdom and Europe for some time, but in 2018, the country became the first to cut imports.

In 2020, Shell also announced that it would reduce its production of diesel by 90% to 40 million barrels a day.

In June, Shell was forced to pull out of Mexico due to a shortage of gasoline due to low supplies.

The new refinery will be the third Shell refinery in the past year, after the company announced a plan to build a new one in Mexico last year.

The plant will be built on a former Shell plant in Mexico city, and the project is expected to be completed by the end to 2025.

In November, the company also said it was laying off about 800 workers, with half of them working for Shell’s Mexico branch.

The layoffs were expected to take place this year.

Shell is expected back into Mexico’s refining industry in 2020, with new refineries planned for the U.S. and the Netherlands.

The refineries will also help the company avoid a supply disruption for other products that it needs in Mexico: petroleum products that would be shipped in trucks or rail cars and then refilled at Shell’s new plant in the northern state of Chiapas, where the company already operates a refinery.