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By now, you’ve probably heard that sam’s club is taking a new tack in its effort to reduce the use of gasoline.

The move comes as the company tries to reduce emissions in the wake of a study that found that a third of its gasoline used in the U.S. came from non-renewable sources.

But there’s another way to reduce your gas bill: By paying your bill on time.

Here’s how.

Sam’s Club and its partners are working to create a new service called Sam’s Credit Card that allows customers to pay for items with the credit card.

According to the company, customers who have the card and do the right thing will save money on their bill.

They can also save money by getting the most out of the service by reducing the amount of items they pay for, and the more items they choose, the better.

The idea is to reduce costs, while helping customers make more efficient choices.

Sam has a few other new ideas that it’s experimenting with, too.

One is by paying customers to take their order online.

Sam is experimenting with this, too, and says it’s been very successful.

The company has about 2,400 Sam’s Card customers in North America.

It says that its average transaction is about $60, and it sees about 2.3 million transactions per month.

It expects to be fully operational by early 2019.

Sam’s Credit card will be used for gas and groceries.

It will not be used to buy cigarettes or liquor.

For the new service, Sam’s is rolling out new payment options that include the Sam’s Rewards credit card and the Sams Credit Card Credit Card.

The card can be used as an ATM card or as a debit card.

The Rewards credit cards offer unlimited credit card processing on up to $10,000 per card, and Sam’s credit cards also have unlimited credit checking on up