How to read this spreadsheet

Gasolina is a Spanish newspaper and is owned by the state government.

Its main focus is on local news and local government affairs.

Its sister publication, El Mundo, is an alternative daily and is mostly focused on local politics.

It also publishes an English version, which is more popular.

Here’s how to read the spreadsheet.

The chart is a good place to start if you’re just starting out.

You can see a few basic rules: 1.

You need to keep your spreadsheet simple, so don’t use lots of formatting and symbols. 


The spreadsheet doesn’t have any columns, so keep that in mind.


The column headers aren’t important, so you can skip them if you don’t need them.


The “next” column has no value.


If you want to go back to a previous date, use the next column instead of the current date.


You have to put the date after the column headers, but don’t put it after the date at the top.


The data is sorted by “time”, so make sure that your columns are the same.


The values are relative, so if you have a new column, just change the column title.


Use the search bar at the bottom to find the data you’re looking for.


You might want to use the “next week” and “next month” filters if you need more information.