Gasolina is back in business – Business Insider

By now, you’re probably aware of the news that gasolina has returned to business.

Gasolina has been a Spanish company since 2005 and has been one of the biggest providers of gas in the Spanish capital since the 1980s.

The Spanish government is looking to privatise the company and has proposed to sell it to a private equity firm.

That would mean the Spanish government would own half of the company.

It’s unclear whether the government will be able to sell the company for a good price or if it would have to raise its offer from the Spanish state.

Gasolina is currently owned by a group of shareholders who have a stake in the company’s shares.

But the company has not been profitable since 2013, according to Business Insider.

It had been profitable until this year, but the company had to lay off workers last year as the recession hit.

The Spanish government had been trying to sell its stake in Gasolina for a while.

The company has been losing money.

The company’s share price has fallen by more than 40% since 2013.

This year, the company was in trouble and needed to sell a large chunk of its shares.

This was a good opportunity for the government to buy the shares, but it didn’t happen.

This is what Gasolina was doing before the recession:It’s been profitable for a long time.

In December 2015, the Spanish central bank decided to buy 10% of Gasolina shares, for €2.5bn.

The central bank has been making attempts to sell their shares for years, and in 2016 it raised its offer for the shares by over 20% in an attempt to raise the value of the shares.

In January 2017, the government announced it was selling the company, and Gasolina’s shares went up by about 20%.

This is how the Spanish economy looks like before the crisis:That is, until this month.

The crisis is still far away.

Gasola has returned, and its share price is now about 40% higher than it was when the crisis began.