When will gasoline prices in Argentina expire?

The cost of gasoline in Argentina is expected to rise from an average of $0.24 per gallon on Monday to an average $0 and then $0 a month later.

Argentina’s economy is in shambles.

Its GDP is projected to shrink by about 1.5% this year.

It will shrink by 2.5%.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has said the country needs to reduce its reliance on oil imports.

But she has yet to unveil any concrete plans.

The government has also been struggling to meet its deficit targets.

The government has promised to spend $5 billion on roads, highways and public transport this year, but the amount has yet be finalized.

The country has not yet released the full extent of the money it will spend.

The country’s economy has been contracting, and inflation is rising.

Inflation reached a record 1,091% in May, the latest month for which data is available.