When fuel prices rise, the prices of gas will rise too – ABC News

The cost of gasoline has risen by $0.4 per litre since June, according to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The cost to fill a tank of petrol rose to $1.14 per liture in July, up from $1,124 in June, while the price to fill gas tanks rose by $1 to $3.20 per litare, up almost three-fold.

The price of a litre of regular unleaded rose by 8.2 cents to $2.34, while that of regular diesel rose by 9.6 cents to about $2 a litrel.

But that doesn’t account for other fuel costs, such as the cost of heating or cooling.

For example, the cost to heat a car or a home from outside the home to around 32 degrees Celsius is about $300 a year.

A typical household’s heating bill could be $20 or $30 a year higher if they paid $20 a year for gas.

The ABC’s Anthony Johnson reports.

The report also found a significant drop in the cost for gas to transport goods.

It is about 50 per cent lower now than it was in 2013.

The number of fuel-transporting vehicles on Australian roads is falling, but there is still a significant amount of fuel for the roads, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, where there are more gas stations than any other city.

Mr Buss said Australia’s transport network was not well prepared for the price hike.

“The infrastructure we have in place is just not robust enough to handle these costs,” he said.

“We have got to have a more robust, robust, flexible infrastructure, with the proper planning, the appropriate monitoring and the appropriate resources, and the right mix of them.”

The latest gas prices are part of a broader increase in the price of gas.

From June to August, the price per litne of petrol was up about $1 a liture, and a litres of diesel by about $0, according the BOM.

The biggest price rises came in Western Australia, where the cost rose by about 25 cents to around $1 per lit.

Other states and territories, including Victoria, had higher prices.

In the US, gas prices rose about 50 cents to nearly $4 per lumen in July and August.