Gasoline & Cigarettes: Audioslaves Song #6 is Burning to Get You Off Source Entertainment Weekly issue 104 cover

The song that has ignited debate over whether or not burning gasoline is the best way to get off can be heard below.

The song’s title, “Audioslaven”, is an apparent reference to a line from the Disney film “The Little Mermaid”.

In the film, Ariel is forced to break up with her boyfriend after he repeatedly breaks her rules by flirting with her.

The song’s lyrics also seem to reference the idea that women shouldn’t try to flirt with men who are not interested in them.

In addition to the controversy over “Audiaslave”, it was also recently reported that “Burning Gasoline” was released in April 2014.

It seems that a version of “Burn Gasoline”, released in May 2014, also included lyrics that referred to women as “gasoline molecules”.

The lyrics in question read: ‘If you are the gasoline molecule, you will burn’This is a song that’s getting the hottest debate right now.

This one was released back in April, but a new version of the song has been released in March 2018.

What’s your take on this controversial and highly controversial song?