Why ‘Gasolina’ may have sold more than $5 million worth of drugs and guns: The story of a hit-and-run story

A hit- and-run killing in a suburban Atlanta suburb led to an FBI agent being fired, and his name is Gasolina.

Gasolina is a retired agent who has a long history of criminal activity.

His past is now public, as he was indicted by a grand jury for murder and other charges in October.

He pleaded guilty in May to four counts of first-degree murder, six counts of attempted murder, and six counts each of attempted kidnapping and conspiracy.

Prosecutors said he used a hitman to commit a hit on an undercover agent in December 2014, which resulted in the death of a Georgia Highway Patrol officer and an off-duty officer in the suburbs of Atlanta.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of obstruction of justice, as well as other charges.

According to court documents, Gasolina worked for the FBI from 1997 to 2004, and was the deputy director for the Criminal Investigations Division from 2006 to 2009.

He is currently serving a five-year sentence at a Georgia prison.

Gasola’s arrest was announced in December.

In January, the FBI released a video clip in which he said he had “no idea” that he was being recorded by the FBI.

“My first reaction was, I think I’m being recorded,” Gasolina said.

“I have no idea that it’s going on.

That was my first thought.

I just felt like I had to do something.”

Gasolina pleaded guilty earlier this year in a Georgia court to the murder of a police officer and attempted kidnapping charges.

He was sentenced to four years and five months in prison and a $150,000 fine.

He now faces an additional four years in prison for his other crimes.

The FBI has not commented on Gasolina’s arrest or his current status with the agency.