Gasoline fuel prices have plunged in March

Gasoline prices have tumbled across the country, with some parts of the country seeing their lowest prices in years.

Gasoline prices fell by about 8 cents per gallon across the nation on Tuesday.

The price of gasoline in the Chicago area dropped nearly $1 per gallon.

Gas prices are down more than 6 cents per $1 of gas in the San Francisco area, down by $1.02 per gallon, according to AAA.

In Colorado, prices fell nearly 8 cents in March, according the state’s AAA fuel price index.

Prices are down nearly 10 cents per gas in Albuquerque, according a report from AAA.

Prices in California were also down by 8 cents, with the average price of a gallon of gasoline falling to $3.15.

Prices in New York City were down by more than 9 cents, according data from the AAA.

Gas stations are finding it harder to fill up as consumers shift from gas to diesel fuel.

Some stations are reporting that they have been filling up diesel instead of gasoline.

Some gasoline stations have also been reporting a rise in the amount of fuel they’re using, even though the government says the gasoline-to-diesel conversion ratio has been in the 60 percent range for years.