Outkast’s ‘Fuel for the Future’ album gets the Grammy nomination

Gasoline is the newest commodity to be made into a luxury item in the US. 

But it is not the only product getting the nod for the coveted Grammy award. 

This week, a new album from Outkasts, Gasoline For The Future, was nominated for an Academy Award for Album of the Year, the latest in a long line of nominations for the Grammy award in the genre.

The album was nominated as well for Best Contemporary Rock Album, Best Contemporary Contemporary Pop Album, and Best New Music Video. 

In fact, this is the second time this year Outkasters Gasoline for the future has been nominated for the award.

In 2014, Outkasta won the award for Best Alternative Album.

Gasoline For the Future is a collaboration between the singer-songwriter duo Outkass, who have also released their debut album, Fuel for the Tomorrow, in 2018.

The two groups are best known for their hit single, “Ghetto Funk.”

The song has been the subject of numerous interviews with musicians such as Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, and more.

Outkas lyrics have been translated into multiple languages.

Gasoline has been dubbed “the fuel of the future.”

In this new video for the album, Outkus’ vocalist, Josh Kaufman, talks about how his bandmates’ work is inspired by the lyrics of “Ghettos Funk.”

“I don’t think we’re really trying to reinvent the wheel here.

The concept is to really try to take the elements that we have known for so long and make them a little bit more personal and more personal to us.

But also try to make it more personal in a way that is also a bit hip-hop and a little more hip-funk, but also not just that,” he said in the video.

Kaufman also says that the album is “not just about us.

It’s about you.””

When you see the music, you see how it all works,” he added.

“There’s a lot of soul in the music.

There’s a soul in everything.

There is soul in Outkaster’s music.

I think that’s something that people are gonna get to know.”

The Grammy nominations are the first time that Outkakasts Gasoline album has won a Grammy since 2013. 

“Gasoline for The Future” was nominated in 2016 for Album Of The Year, as well as Best New Artist.

The band was also nominated in 2015 for Best Rap Album, as was their 2017 debut album.