The Indian petrol companies have no plans to expand their operations in Iran, say gas industry players

India has not made plans to start importing Iranian oil, despite a request from the Oil Ministry to do so, a leading gas exporter and a gas company executive have said. 

“The government of India has said it is not making any decision on the issue, and has not issued any instructions for us to start producing our oil there,” said the executive, who requested anonymity.

The executive said the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MPN) has sent a letter to all the major oil and gas companies seeking permission to import Iranian crude.

“We have not received any such request from MPN yet. 

But we do not see any need to start our operations in the country,” the executive said.

The MPN has sent several such letters to major oil companies and energy groups including Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Total, Total SA, BP, Shell Oil, Chevron Australia, and others, according to the executive.

The MPN also has sent to the government of the Republic of Iran several letters requesting that the companies take action to restrict the import of Iranian oil.

The executive, however, said the government was not taking any action on the matter.

“It is not our decision and it has not come from the government.

The government has asked for the advice of oil and natural gas companies, but it is just a letter.

It does not affect us at all.

We are not going to take action against any of the oil companies.

It is a matter of personal interest,” the CEO said.

The Oil Ministry has not received a response from ExxonMobil on the MPN letter. 

The executive said it would be good if the government could have some kind of plan to address the situation.

“The MPO has a lot of work to do and a lot more to do, and we have been given no indication as to what kind of measures will be taken,” the spokesperson said.

According to an oil industry source, MPN had told the government in February 2016 that it had asked ExxonMobil to consider its request for permission to export Iranian crude to Iran.

ExxonMobil had not replied to the ministry’s request. 

Earlier this year, MPO also told the ministry that it wanted permission to send some of its Iranian crude through Iraq to India.

The ministry, however said that the MPO did not have the necessary authority to send oil through Iraq, the source said.

The spokesperson for MPN said the company was not aware of any specific decision by the government to take steps to restrict imports.

Oil companies have been complaining for years that the government has failed to address their concerns over the importation of Iranian crude in the past.

MPN’s latest letter to ExxonMobil, sent in January, said that while it is happy to meet the government’s request to import some Iranian crude, it has no specific information on the timing or location of its operations.

The spokesperson said MPN is not seeking to export crude to India in any shape or form.

According to oil industry sources, India’s crude oil imports have grown substantially since the start of the year, with oil companies increasing their exports from 2.6 million metric tonnes (MT) in January to 9.6 MT in February, an increase of 20%.

India’s total crude oil exports from January to February grew by 1.1 MT, according the Petroleum and Liquefied Natural Gas Council (PLNGC).