How to calculate the price of gasoline

The cost of gasoline is the amount a consumer pays to store the fuel in a tank.

There are two ways to calculate this amount.

One is by dividing the amount paid for a gallon of gas by the total amount of fuel used in the day.

The other is by taking the average price per gallon of gasoline.

The average price of a gallon is based on the actual cost of the fuel and how it’s being used.

The more you use, the more the cost of gas will increase.

You can use the average of your average daily use to get a good idea of how much gas you’ll be paying to store for you and your family for a given day.

For example, if you drive two cars for an average of 50,000 miles each, the average cost of a new car for you is $1,500.

The gasoline price per thousand miles will be the same for you two vehicles.

To find the average gas price per mile, multiply the total miles driven by 50, the number of miles you have driven for each day and then divide by 2.

This will give you the average gasoline price.

You’ll also need to know how many miles you drive each day.

If you drive 20,000 a day, your average price will be $1.80 per mile.

To calculate your daily average cost, multiply your mileage by the number you drive, or your average number of days per month.

For instance, if your average mileage for the month is 30,000, your daily price will range from $1 to $1 for each thousand miles you drove in that month.

So, the fuel price for a typical person driving 20,00 miles a day for the year would be $0.70 per gallon.