What is a gas tax?

Gasoline powered bicycles and electric bikes are among a few items on the tax list. 

However, those are not taxed at the same rate as the rest of the car industry. 

Gasoline powered cars would get $2,000 per year in the state of California. 

Electric cars, on the other hand, would get the same amount in California. 

 The other tax on gas powered bikes is a $2.25 tax on every gallon of gas that is burned. 

A gallon of diesel costs $1.30 and gasoline costs $2 per gallon. 

The cost of gas for a gasoline powered bicycle would be $0.80 and $1 per gallon for a gas powered bike. 

But the cost of gasoline for a electric bike would be a fraction of that for a diesel bike.

Electric bikes, meanwhile, would also have to pay $1 a year in sales tax. 

In other words, it will cost you $1 to use an electric bike in California and you would have to shell out $1 for a car. 

To get the $2 in taxes, a bike must be registered to a specific person. 

As of now, a registration of a bicycle requires a $15 registration fee. 

Registration costs $100 a year.

That is the cost for the registration of an electric or gas powered bicycle. 

Bicycles, on top of being expensive to own, are also often hard to drive. 

If a bike is stolen, the owners may have to fix it and pay a $5 repair fee.

If you are looking for a more economical option for commuting, consider a bike that has an electric starter that is plugged in. 

While it may not be the most practical option for commuters, the electric starter is more efficient than a gas or diesel bike and the price of a bike will be reduced.