‘The Biggest’ Review: ‘The Lego Movie’

I don’t remember a movie with such a compelling premise as “The Lego Batman Movie,” but it’s one of the more engaging and compelling ones of the summer.

That’s partly due to the fact that, as director Tim Miller’s first feature film, it’s actually a film with a great premise and an equally compelling plot.

But Miller also pulls out all the stops to deliver a film that’s as compelling as any of the Lego movies, from its wonderfully goofy humour to its brilliantly complex and entertaining world.

And, of course, the Lego universe has never been the only place in which we see the world of Lego. 

“The Lego Universe” stars Chris Pratt as the titular Batman, voiced by Justin Timberlake, who’s a self-styled superhero who can’t seem to stop building his own superhero-like creations.

It also stars Zendaya as Catwoman, voiced, as it turns out, by Gal Gadot, who has a knack for playing both super heroes and super villains. 

The story begins when Batman (Pratt) is assigned to the Suicide Squad, a superhero team that is tasked with hunting down criminals that threaten the city’s peace.

This mission, however, turns out to be more than just a matter of catching a few criminals, as the Suicide Snatchers are infiltrated by a villain known as The Joker, who is determined to use his newfound power to rule the world and take over the entire globe.

The Joker is a dark and twisted villain who’s been using his newfound super-powers to murder innocents in his name, but is secretly a member of The Suicide Squad.

The story’s title comes from the Batman-verse’s famous symbol, a blue-and-white Bat-mask.

The team is comprised of members of the Justice League, an all-female superhero team, including Wonder Woman (who is voiced by Gal.) and Aquaman (who’s voiced by Jason Momoa). 

The rest of the movie features Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquamarine, Martian Manhunter, Flash and more.

The film also stars Jason Momney, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Diane Kruger, Jesse Eisenberg, Jesse Plemons and Ray Fisher. 

(The Lego franchise is based on a series of comics published by DC Comics, and is the third-biggest-selling toy line worldwide behind Marvel and Hasbro.

Warner Bros. released two movies in the franchise, “Lego Batman” and “Legos Batman.”) 

“Lego” is available to stream on Netflix in the US, Canada, Latin America and the UK.

The Lego Movie was released in the UK on June 11.